Property and Planning Data

Understand the impacts of intricate planning regulations across hundreds or thousands of properties using data created for your workflow.

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NSW Planning Reform Analysis

Read about our recent analysis of the NSW planning reforms for housing supply, which could unlock the potential for a MILLION new dwellings.

Sample dataset available when you contact us through the form below!

PropCode Insights

PropCode uses advanced algorithms to monitor planning regulation changes, identify impacted zones, and narrow down property listings. Our database that powers our platform includes:

Property Data

All 3 million properties in NSW including multi-lot properties.

Planning Maps

Numerous map layers including zoning, maximum height, floor space ratio, bushfire-prone land, and various others.


Adherence to zoning rules and special regulations outlined in all NSW LEPs and SEPPs.

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Reach out to us if you have ever found yourself with questions like these:

Case 1

I want to identify properties situated along a main street where childcare centres are permitted.

Case 2

I want to find residential properties that have potential for rezoning and that are not affected by heritage.

Case 3

I want to find mixed-use zone properties within a 10-minute walking distance of a transit station, where I can build up to 21m.

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