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NSW Planning Reform: Your Property

Do you need to understand the impacts of the proposed NSW planning reforms on your property? PropCode has done this complex analysis for all of NSW and has a free answer ready for you.

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How do we find the impacts?

PropCode uses advanced algorithms to codify the planning regulation changes, identify impacted zones, and calculate changes individually per property. Our platform's database includes:

Property Data

All 3 million properties in NSW including multi-lot properties.

Planning Maps

Numerous map layers including zoning, maximum height, floor space ratio, bushfire-prone land, and various others.

Station and Centre Catchments

400m and 800m walking distances from stations and centres as per the proposed rules.

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See the overall impact of the reforms.

Read our multi-part articles explaining our analysis of the NSW planning reforms for housing supply, which could unlock the potential for a MILLION new dwellings.