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See CDC options on any NSW property.

Our platform checks hundreds of rules and dozens of maps so you don't have to. Backed by planning consultancy experience, our proprietary engine gives you instant answers for residential CDC potential with depth and transparency.


Start your journey with a free CDC Guide.

If you've got questions about CDCs, grab our free CDC Guide! You will learn about the CDC process, what typologies are available, how to find and use the CDC rules, and the average DA & CDC processing times in your Council.


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Get clear answers about CDC options faster than before.

Know your CDC options

Find out which residential building types can be done with CDC on a property and how much floor space is allowed. Includes houses and medium density.

Fully detailed report

See a transparent audit trail of all rules evaluated, plus get the relevant design rules for each building type, all in one customised document.

Save time and money

Our answers are delivered in under one minute without professional fees, so you're not held up waiting for a call back.

Propcode is a great innovative platform... We use it on a regular basis, as it is easy to use and our clients love it!

Dragan Pasatovic - Director at Sydney Architect Group

If you're looking at lots of properties all at the same time, then it is potentially very, very worthwhile.

Rob Flux - Property Developer Network

Spend less for answers on one or many properties.

Single Report

Great for: architects, homeowners.
Residential CDC options with audit trail and relevant design rules.

$49.95/address exGST
  • Includes one address
  • Summary of CDC options
  • Full audit trail of data checked
  • Design rules per typology
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Unlimited Reports

Great for: agents, investors.
Unlimited access to residential CDC options across NSW.

$49.95/month exGST
  • Unlimited reports for unlimited addresses
  • Instantly check CDC options for any site at any time
  • No commitment period
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Do you want to see what our reports include before buying one? We would love to send you our sample report for free, showing all the detail included in our reports: the CDC options, audit trail, and development standards.


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Our engine handles the complexity of CDC rules.

Hundreds of rules must be checked to fully answer what the CDC options are on a property. These cover items such as different Codes, lot geometry, and local minimum lot sizes. Our analysis engine holds all these rules sourced from the Codes SEPP plus every LEP across NSW.

600+ rules

Loaded into our analysis engine

200+ SEPP and LEP documents

Scanned for relevant rules like minimum lot size

3 million

Properties analysed across NSW

60+ facts

Based on planning and environmental maps

<30 days

Update frequency of our data and rules

Who are these answers for?

Our CDC options summary and reports are great for the early stages of your project, when you are still deciding what to do, and before your detailed design or documentation work.

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Architects and builders

  • You have started working with a client who wants to expand or build new on a residential property.
  • You would like to do a CDC, but it's time-consuming to check all the SEPP and LEP clauses and maps to find out what the CDC options are.
  • With this site-specific report detailing what you're allowed to build with CDC, you can confidently recommend the best approach to your client.
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Agents and investors

  • You're looking to buy or sell, you deal with multiple properties, and you need to know the development potential on each one.
  • You don't have the time to check all the regulations for each property, but having quick answers would give you an edge in the market.
  • This site-specific analysis gives you instant answers so you can appropriately account for CDC potential in a property's value.
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Property owners

  • You're considering renovations, a granny flat, or a knock down rebuild, and you might have already worked with an architect or builder on plans.
  • You could get stuck waiting months for a slow and costly development application that might be rejected if Council doesn't like it.
  • This personalised report helps inform your design process by showing whether you can get a rapid and automatic approval via CDC.
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Small developers

  • If you're running small property development projects, you know that holding costs and market movements can kill your margins.
  • You need to be able to execute a project from purchase to build to sale as quickly as possible, while utilising all of the allowable build potential.
  • This site-specific report gives you definite answers about your CDC options so you can plan for the fastest possible project timeline.
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